M.Sc. projects for TU Delft students

Slots for supervision of MSc students on general topics, such as stated choice experiments and discrete choice modelling, usually fill-up quickly. This means that I will only be able to supervise a limited number of students on these topics.

However, additionally I will be able to accept a few highly motivated students who want to work with me on bridging the gap between discrete choice modelling and Machine Learning for choice behaviour analysis. 


The ideal student for these projects has:

  • Knowledge on Choice behaviour modelling (e.g. followed SEN1221 and or SEN1721)

  • Knowledge on Machine learning methods (e.g. minor in Computer Sciences)

  • Relevant programming skills (e.g. Matlab, Python, R)

There are many possible projects, including:

  • Bridging two subfields: Stated Choice Experimental Design and Active Learning

  • Complementing Discrete Choice models with Articial Neural Networks

  • Using computer vision  choice behaviour

If you are interested in doing an MSc project on these topics, please send a brief motivation letter by email, clarifying:

  • What topic you are interested

  • Intended starting date

  • Your relevant experiences (projects, courses, etc.)

  • Programming skills (languages)


Research visits

I'm always interested in working with motivated researchers and students on this fascinating topic. Feel free to contact me if you have a good ideas for collaboration! Note that I welcome visitors, but no funding is available for visiting.